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61% of high school students receive private tuition
62% of high school students worry about test results
89% of high school students want to get top grades in most subjects
65% of high school students worry they will get poor grades

Based on 2017 OECD figures for Australian school kids



  • HSC essay writing
  • HSC exam preparation
  • Yr K-10 English
  • English at University
  • English as a second language
  • English Extension


  • World War 1 source analysis
  • Modern History HSC essay writing
  • HSC exam preparation
  • History yr 7-10
  • History at University

Society & Culture

  • PIP
  • HSC exam preparation
  • Social Theory
  • Research Methodologies
  • Depth Studies


  • Essay Writing
  • Exam preparation
  • Social and Cultural Studies
  • English at University
  • Study Plan
  • History at University

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Boldtutor has been instrumental in improving my writing skills and the overall content of my essays. My tutor had a breadth of knowledge across different areas of philosophy... He was extremely skilled at explaining various concepts from philosophers such as Hobbes and Aristotle in a way that enabled me to embed their ideas in my head.

A. MirzaStudied Philosophy at University of Sydney, 2015

Boldtutor enabled me to become confident in the work I produced for English Advanced and Modern History. Boldtutor taught me how to properly structure my writing and they also helped me develop my vocabulary. I thank Boldtutor for helping me through the final two years of my schooling life and I truly appreciate the confidence they have provided me with.

EllenaGraduated in 2015, studied at Thomas Hassall Anglican College

Tutoring with Boldtutor helped guide me in the process of being well prepared for English Advanced as well as the assignments that came with it. The feedback they gave me after exams helped me to determine what I did right and wrong and this allowed me to develop further than I knew I could in the subject.

Year 12 student - Male, 2015Studied at De la Salle Cronulla.

My son started tutoring with Boldtutor in Year 11 and improved enormously. The grades improved immediately going from a C to B and early in 2015 my son managed to obtain an A in Year 12. Boldtutor pointed out my son's weaknesses (within the first few lessons) in essay writing and was able to guide him accordingly.

Nimmi, mother of year 12 studentSon graduated from St Gregory's College in 2015 – 96.1 ATAR

Boldtutor offers excellent tutoring service. They are very knowledgeable and helped me understand the complex theories of Karl Marx. I recommend everyone to give Boldtutor a try.

JarrahUniversity of Western Sydney 2016

Boldtutor's ability to clearly explain complex texts such as Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austin allowed me to greatly improve my writing and comprehension. Tuition with Boldtutor helped me greatly in addressing several concerns I had with my writing and understanding of complex texts within the English syllabus. Boldtutor's teaching methods provided me with proper benchmark to succeed in my future studies.

Alexandra PSt Scholastica's College - 2016

Boldtutor clearly explained complex issues from the Modern History course and that made it easier for me to understand topics and personalities that were difficult to study. By providing me with great resources and guidance on personalities such as Albert Speer, Boldtutor helped me develop my skill and confidence significantly while studying Modern History.

J. RalevskiMarist College Kogarah - 2016