English has become the leading language of international discourse and the lingua franca in many regions…
Boldtutor is aware of how important the English language is in international discourse, and in this era of globalisation, learning how to speak and write English is vital to developing the communication skills required to leave your mark in the world.
We offer unrivalled service when it comes to teaching the English language to clients keen on mastering the world’s lingua franca. The majority of Boldtutor’s clients are those with Spanish, Latin American and Chinese backgrounds.
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What we offer

Real world lessons

Boldtutor’s lessons are specifically tailored for clients eager to master everyday communication. Every lesson offers different scenarios and contexts for clients to practice speaking and writing English in real world scenarios.

Bilingual tutors

Our tutors speak Spanish and a host of other languages to better assist clients with a limited ability to communicate in English. This ensures that we are better prepared to meet the needs of bilingual clients.

Exclusive English resources

Boldtutor’s resources will enable clients to continue developing their English outside hours. This allows clients the chance to apply the lessons taught by our tutors, fast tracking your progress.

Unrivalled support

English demands practice and practice. Boldtutor offers quick and reliable support via email or Skype for clients who book several sessions in advance.

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Why Boldtutor?
Boldtutor sets a high benchmark for English tuition and our growing number of clients reflects this. The distinctive and high quality guidance we provide to clients keen on mastering the English language is unrivalled in a market that is filled with similar services. Rest assured that when you invest in Boldtutor’s services, clients can expect ample return on their investment.
A major concern that clients have when starting with Boldtutor concerns previous experiences with other tuition services that provide basic guidance for a basic fee. In short, clients are often disappointed when basic services don’t provide complete in-depth assistance. With Boldtutor, clients will be offered the very best lessons, that, if applied with persistence, will ensure complete evolution in a client’s ability to speak, understand and write in English.
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