From Kindergarten through to the HSC and University, English can be a demanding and difficult subject to grasp, let alone master for many students…
While challenging, English remains a fulfilling subject that provides invaluable lessons on communication. The English course can also facilitate a student’s ability to comprehend a world filled with words, ideas and texts that continue to shape our perspectives on many important issues and individuals.

What we offer
Essay Writing

Putting thoughts and ideas down on paper can be difficult come the HSC. Boldtutor offers the support, resources and guidance required for students to become adept writers when it matters most. Make an Offer and see how Boldtutor can help you.

English Advanced and English Standard both contain complex texts and modules for students to master. By explaining the significance of these texts to students, Boldtutor ensures that they develop the appreciation and wisdom required to evolve their analysis and writing.
English at University

Some of the world’s most incredible pieces of literature can be difficult to study. Whether its Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Aristotle’s Poetics or Homer’s The Iliad or The Odyssey, Boldtutor can help you develop a deeper understanding of texts that are considered masterpieces for a reason.
Yr K-10 English

Despite its importance, The English course is known to strain young minds. Let Boldtutor ease that strain with easy to understand analysis that will allow your child to flourish.

Topics covered

Here are just some of the English (Standard, Advanced and Extension) texts that we have covered with students:

  • Hamlet
  • The Tempest
  • Away
  • 1984
  • The Crucible
  • Sonnets from the Portuguese
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • In The Skin of a Lion
  • The Prince & Julius Caesar
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Story of Tom Brennan
  • Robert Gray poetry
  • Henry IV
  • Frankenstein
  • Good Night and Good Luck
  • Blade Runner
  • Letters to Alice
  • Rosemary Dobson poetry
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Why Boldtutor?
A major concern for HSC students today surrounds their view that they are not receiving the insightful guidance required to develop new wisdom while studying specific topics or texts in English. Indeed interest breeds intelligence and the more engaged students are with their texts, the more likely they will develop the interest and skill required to master the English curriculum.
In order to cultivate interest and comprehension, Boldtutor makes sure that students understand the vital role certain texts can play in the development of real life skills. HSC texts such as Julius Caesar and The Prince for example offer fantastic lessons on themes such as justice, power, morality, authority and deception that can be used in real world contexts. Once students realise the didactic potential of these texts, they will begin to grasp valuable ideas that will facilitate their intellectual evolution.
After comprehension of text has been mastered, Boldtutor provides clients with exclusive resources on essay writing. These documents include original band 6 HSC responses coupled with sentence starter and essay construction documents catered to the specific module that students are studying. These blueprints will help students construct clear and analytical essay responses that will improve their ability to master the HSC syllabus.
Boldtutor also helps students studying English literature at University. Aristotle’s Poetics and various Shakespeare texts are just some of the works that Boldtutor has covered with students. With in-depth original analysis a priority, Boldtutor may be able to provide you with the notes and tutors required to improve your writing at University level.
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My son started tutoring with Boldtutor in Year 11 and improved enormously. The grades improved immediately going from a C to B and early in 2015 my son managed to obtain an A in Year 12. Boldtutor pointed out my son's weaknesses (within the first few lessons) in essay writing and was able to guide him accordingly.

Nimmi - mother of year 12 English Standard studentSt Gregory's College 2015 – 96.1 ATAR

Boldtutor's ability to clearly explain complex texts such as Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austin allowed me to greatly improve my writing and comprehension. Tuition with Boldtutor helped me greatly in addressing several concerns I had with my writing and understanding of complex texts within the English syllabus. Boldtutor's teaching methods provided me with proper benchmark to succeed in my future studies.

Alexandra P - English AdvancedSt Scholastica's College - 2016

Tutoring with Boldtutor helped guide me in the process of being well prepared for English Advanced as well as the assignments that came with it. The feedback they gave me after exams helped me to determine what I did right and wrong and this allowed me to develop further than I knew I could in the subject.

Year 12 student - MaleDe la Salle College Cronulla - 2015

Boldtutor provided my two sons with exceptional tuition that they really appreciate. My sons have improved their confidence as a result of Boldtutor's guidance and they feel more confident in tackling the many challenges that are present in secondary school English, particularly when it comes to essay writing and comprehension.

K. Richardson - mother of yr 11 and yr 9 male studentsPeakhurst GRC/Oatley Campus - 2016

My son has developed more confidence because of Boldtutor's concise teaching methods. He has been provided with a really solid benchmark to master his studies when he approaches the latter stages of secondary schooling.

L. Vettom - mother of yr 8 male studentMarist College, Kogarah - 2016

I was studying The Art of Travel and Boldtutor's guidance helped me understand the key themes within the text. This allowed me to link The Art of Travel back to the ideas within the module. I feel more confident with my studies because of Boldtutor's tuition and I now have the knowledge required to succeed come the HSC.

G. Siderovski - Female, Yr 12 English AdvancedBethany College - 2016

Boldtutor offered passionate and insightful service to me when I was studying texts such as The Prince and Wag the Dog. His tuition helped me significantly when it came to analysing texts and their themes. I have also improved my essay writing.

Aaron. HGRC Oatley Senior Campus - 2016

I was studying Rosemary Dobson's poetry for the Discovery module and Boldtutor provided me with the resources and guidance required to improve my analysis and essay writing. Over time, I was able to improve my comprehension and writing style courtesy of Boldtutor's service.

Sarah. FStudied English Advanced at Danebank Anglican School - 2016