What services does Boldtutor provide?

Boldtutor offers one-on-one tuition to secondary (yr 7-12), university and primary students. We offer assistance with English (7-12), English extension and HSIE subjects such as History, Modern History and Society and Culture. Boldtutor also offers assistance with university subjects based on Bachelor of Arts/ humanities/politics and/or international studies. Tuition at Primary school level is also offered but demand is not as high so tutors may be limited.

In order for clients to get the maximum return on Boldtutor’s services, it is paramount that students/clients revise and study the resources that we provide you. Boldtutor’s lessons never cease when you book a lesson with us. It is up to students though to apply these lessons during and after class hours by studying the materials and blueprints provided.

If you need help with a specific area or topic, or have any other questions, just visit our contact page and fill out the form.

How much does Boldtutor charge for its services?

Clients can make an offer for tuition at desired location if they wish. Boldtutor will then assess if your price is serviceable. As a guide, clients have booked sessions with Boldtutor for the following prices:

  • $90-150 for 90 minute session plus feedback after hours
  • $110-220 for 2 hour session plus feedback after hours
  • $150-500 for assessment help (ranging from HSC to University assistance) – Please email or call us for more information.
  • There are other offers that clients can take advantage of as well such as Fast40.
  • As of 2018, Boldtutor will be offering special rates for clients based in the Sydney suburbs of Liverpool (2170) and Mortdale (2223). Email or call us for more information.

What qualifications does Boldtutor possess?

Our tutors possess University degrees mainly in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education field and all have extensive experience within the tutoring and education industry. They have also undergone the Working with Children check (paid positions).

Please check out Boldtutor’s homepage for samples of work and results achieved by our clients. For more information about these results, simply email or call us.

Where is Boldtutor based?

Boldtutor is based in Sydney, NSW. However, we work with clients from interstate and overseas. If you are based interstate or overseas, Boldtutor can still provide you with notes that will help with your study. We also conduct sessions via Skype. Contact us and we will do our best to serve your needs.

Does Boldtutor offer assistance for primary school students?

Yes. While not as in demand as our other services, Boldtutor does provide assistance with Naplan, spelling and sentence structure for primary students. If you wish to know more, contact us.

How can I apply for a tutoring position with Boldtutor?

Just email us your resume and contact details. Boldtutor is always on the lookout for new tutors to join the team. At the moment we are interested in tutors specialising in English, Maths and Science. If you specialise in other subjects however, just give us a call or send an email and we’ll see if your services can be utilised.