Based on a 2015 study, over a quarter of all Australian children are missing out on educational opportunities by the time they reach year seven.

Not only do high Socio Economic Status students gain an ATAR at more than double the rate of the most disadvantaged students, they achieve a higher ATAR score on average.

So for young people from low SES backgrounds there is a double disadvantage: not only do they far less often receive an ATAR, something they need to gain entry to university, when they do they more often achieve a low score, meaning that they are more poorly placed in the race for places in higher demand courses and access to associated professions.

Excerpt above taken from paper: Educational Opportunity in Australia 2015 – Who Succeeds and Who Misses Out – Stephen Lamb, Jen Jackson, Anne Walstab, Shuyan Huo.

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A good education is the foundation that helps individuals not only capture the world, but to perhaps change it for the better. Unfortunately, access to quality education and tuition in Australia and around the world remains elusive for many people from low socio-economic status backgrounds. With Boldtutor’s Set the Price initiative, we aim to break down economic barriers that hinder a student’s access to the education they need to thrive on a social and economic level. Boldtutor is thus dedicated to providing tuition to those in need to grant clients the guidance required to master their schooling or any other field of interest.
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