Whether you are under stress with high school or University study or suffering from socioeconomic disadvantage, Boldtutor’s Make an Offer approach aims to address your concerns…

In regards to stress levels at school, a 2017 study reveals that over 60 percent of students worry significantly about test results and getting poor grades.

Meanwhile, a 2015 study reveals that over a quarter of all Australian children are missing out on educational opportunities by the time they reach year seven.

Not only do high Socio Economic Status students gain an ATAR at more than double the rate of the most disadvantaged students, they achieve a higher ATAR score on average.

So for young people from low SES backgrounds there is a double disadvantage: not only do they far less often receive an ATAR, something they need to gain entry to university, when they do they more often achieve a low score, meaning that they are more poorly placed in the race for places in higher demand courses and access to associated professions.

Excerpt above taken from paper: Educational Opportunity in Australia 2015 – Who Succeeds and Who Misses Out – Stephen Lamb, Jen Jackson, Anne Walstab, Shuyan Huo.
Based on 2017 OECD figures for Australian school kids

What we offer

Step 1

Visit Boldtutor’s Make an Offer page and fill in the relevant details. Please make sure you attach unit guidelines/assessment criteria/readings and other relevant documents so that we may better understand your needs.

Step 2

After Boldtutor receives the ‘Make an Offer’ form, we will let you know if we can provide assistance with subject/course/assessment for the price you offer.

Step 3

If no tutors are available for the price you requested, we will provide an alternative quote or location in order to facilitate tuition as close to your set offer as possible. Once we respond with a location or alternative quote, Boldtutor will await for your confirmation to proceed.

Step 4

Once a session is booked, Boldtutor will meet with you and begin servicing your needs. Payment will be due at end of session.

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Why Boldtutor?
Stress levels rise considerably for students as they enter the final years of schooling. They increase further at University due to the challenging academic environment. Students completing the HSC or University often juggle many subjects and assessments. Overall, the process can be overwhelming at times. 
This is where we come in. Boldtutor’s clients come to us in order to better understand challenging courses, complete complex assessments and alleviate the stress that comes with study.
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