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There are many lessons to learn from humanity’s past. The great Renaissance philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli once said that it is vital for any future leader to study human history in order to improve on the actions of those who came before. By analysing the past, one can develop the wisdom required to conquer the future. History and Modern History though can be difficult subjects to grasp given the complex information and events that students have to study. With the proper guidance, History (yr 7-10) and Modern History (yr 11-12) provide students with invaluable lessons on some of histories most notorious and fascinating events and human beings. Whether it be the study of the two World Wars or the study of personalities such as Adolf Hitler or Mikhail Gorbachev, Boldtutor provides the guidance and materials required for students to master one of the most interesting subjects in the curriculum.

History Services

World War 1

The Great War demands great attention. With many sources to analyse, Boldtutor will help students grasp one of the most important and vital components of the Modern History course.

National studies

From Australia to China. From Germany to the United States, Boldtutor will facilitate your ability to comprehend the ideas and information vital to succeeding in the Modern History HSC course.


Whether you are studying Speer, Mandela or Arafat, Boldtutor ensures that you receive the intellectual support required to develop your proficiency in the study of some of Modern Histories greatest personalities.

Topics Covered

Here are just some of the History/Modern History topics that we have covered with students:

  • The Cold War
  • Nazi Germany
  • Weimar Republic
  • WW2 & WW1
  • Albert Speer
  • The French Revolution
  • Bismark
  • The Middle Ages
  • The Modern World and Australia
  • More…
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Why BoldTutor?

Comprehension of various historical topics continues to be the main concern that students need addressed when studying either History or Modern History. Boldtutor ensures that students not only grasp why events occurred, but also why such important events continue to shape the world. Boldtutor will help students perceive a new bold view of history that enables them to develop the wisdom required to make sense of our complex world.

Essay writing and source analysis are also high on the list of concerns that history students face. With detailed one-on-one guidance, Boldtutor guarantees that these concerns will become a thing of the past. Get in contact with us today and we’ll see if we can be of service.

Students studying history at University level can also seek help on Boldtutor. Just send over your question/assignment details and we’ll help alleviate any concerns you may have about your studies.

Boldtutor clearly explained complex issues from the Modern History course and that made it easier for me to understand topics and personalities that were difficult to study. By providing me with great resources and guidance on personalities such as Albert Speer, Boldtutor helped me develop my skill and confidence significantly while studying Modern History.

J. RalevskiMarist College Kogarah - 2016

Boldtutor enabled me to become confident in the work I produced for English Advanced and Modern History. Boldtutor taught me how to properly structure my writing and they also helped me develop my vocabulary. I thank Boldtutor for helping me through the final two years of my schooling life and I truly appreciate the confidence they have provided me with.

EllenaStudied at Thomas Hassall Anglican College - 2015

While studying the Vietnam War, Boldtutor was able to explain clearly to me the topics that were otherwise difficult to understand. I continue to receive tuition from Boldtutor because they have helped me develop confidence and skill to master the Modern History course.

B. Murray - yr 11 Modern History 2016Marist College, Penshurst