Society and cultural texts
A senior subject, Society and Culture focuses on the examination of the ideas and theories that help us understand how societies and cultures function. Students in Society and Culture learn valuable lessons about power and authority in our world and also analyse some very influential ideas such as Marxism, Feminism and democracy. It is a very rewarding subject given that students also have the opportunity to develop a Personal Interest Project – a lengthy written body of work that allows students the opportunity to exam their micro and macro world. The PIP is a fantastic way for students to develop the research and written skills required to succeed at University level.
Most important of all, the PIP is a great way for students to examine the key ideas that make our world turn. By gaining a strong sense of how societies and cultures function, students evolve into effective citizens capable of not only capturing society, but changing it.
Many students that study Society and Culture struggle to find a tutor given the limited amount of students studying the course. Boldtutor however possesses the tutors and notes required to help you master one of the most demanding but rewarding courses in senior high school.

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The PIP is a demanding project requiring plenty of research and originality. Having already completed their own PIP’s, our tutors will help you master yours.
Social Theory

From Marxism to Feminism, from Buddhism to Christianity, Boldtutor’s exclusive resources and guidance will remedy any concerns students may have in understanding the belief systems and ideologies present in the S&C syllabus.
Research methodologies

Starting a PIP will be difficult without the right approach. From Case studies to focus groups, Boldtutor will help determine which approach is the right one for you.
Depth studies

Learn to apply course concepts, language and analysis to whichever social and cultural group you may be studying for the HSC.

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Why BoldTutor?
The PIP is one of the most rewarding yet challenging pieces of work that students will develop in their senior high school years. With most PIP’s well over 3000 words, Boldtutor has found that students struggle to get started on a project that requires a large amount of detail and concentration. As a result, the PIP is by far the biggest concern that Society and Culture students need addressed when studying the subject. Boldtutor is well equipped to help alleviate the stress of Society and Culture students given that all our tutors have studied and developed their own successful PIP’s during their high school years. Rest assured that Boldtutor will provide you with the guidance and resources you need to get on top of a course that may just change the way you see the world.

I would like to recommend Boldtutor given that they greatly assisted my daughter during her senior years studying Society and Culture. Without Boldtutor’s expertise, my daughter would not have come 1st in her HSC for this subject. My daughter found Boldtutor’s teaching style very easy to understand and such guidance allowed her to complete her Personal Interest Project. The information they were able to provide was far and beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend Boldtutor given their flexibility and passion for making students reach their true potential especially during the HSC.

Mother of year 12 female student Mount Annan Christian College - 2014